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Each 45 minute presentation includes 5 live animal ambassadors and is designed for audiences of up to 30 people.  While we can accommodate larger audiences, we suggest smaller groups so that there will be more time to interact with our animals.  Recommended age groups are listed following each title, however, programs can be customized to meet the needs of individual groups.  At least one teacher or other adult is required to be in attendance during programs for pre-school and elementary audiences.  

Presentations are very affordable at $145 per session.  For audiences aged six to adult the programs last 45 minutes.  Preschool and nursery school programs last 30 minutes.  (Additional travel expenses possible depending on location.)

Enjoying Animals Safely  (ages 6 and up)  

(*30 minute pre-school presentations are also available.)
Even cute critters can have bad days, so make sure you ask permission before petting animals who don't know you!  Have fun while finding out how to read animal body language.  Learn the eight most important rules for staying safe.  Practice what you've learned with our animal ambassadors.

The Unhuggables (ages 6 and up)

(*30 minute pre-school presentations are also available.) 
Don't squish that spider!  Learn to appreciate a variety of animals who aren't exactly cuddly.  (*Optional game at the end of program - ask for details.)

Which Pet to Get (ages 6 and up)

How do you know what pet (if any) is best for you?  Consider the responsibilities of a partnership between you and whatever the pet you decide to get.

The Colorful World of Animals (ages 6 and up)

Animals can have colorful skin, scales, feathers and fur or they can be "colorful characters"!  Either way, there is no end to the beauty and fascination within the animal kingdom.  Can  chameleons really change colors to match whatever they are perched upon? What are "warning colors"?  How do colors help a species to adapt to an environment?  Meet both beautifully colored animals and those whose colorful personalities more than make up for  their plain physical appearance!


(*New for 2017)

How can we help the animals around us? 

We can start by being responsible pet owners; taking care of the Earth so wildlife can survive; volunteering for or at shelters; joining clubs and organizations that help animals and speaking up for animals when you think they need assistance. Our live animal ambassadors will bring the points home without being preachy! 

Native American Animal Totems & Folktales (ages 6 and up)

What is the purpose of a medicine stone or totem pole?  How did the opossum get its naked tail?  Why does a coyote have yellow eyes?  Find out how to discover your own animal totems and enjoy hearing and participating in some remarkable animal folktales.  *(Students in grades K-2 will be shown totem poles and medicine stones, but their program will focus on the folktales rather than discovering individual animal totems.)

Who's Using the Stream? - (ages 6 and up)

Live animals help to bring the message home as we learn how our attitudes and behaviors can have an effect on the lives of animals who depend on us to keep their clean streams from becoming waste streams.  Reduce, reuse and recycle for a healthier planet.  

What's on the Menu?- (ages 6 and up)

Everything eats something!  It's how they do it that makes the menu interesting!  From catching a meal with a sticky tongue to eyeing a colorful berry from afar; from lying in wait and pouncing to just waiting for something to die - there are many ways to prepare a meal.  Yum!!

Oh, Rats! - (ages 6 and up)

Willard may have gone over the edge with his army of rats, but he was right - rats make intelligent and loving pets.  Spend some time observing, feeding, holding, enjoying and learning to appreciate one of the most delightful and misunderstood "pocket pets"! (Includes brief video.)

Here, There, and Everywhere - Animals Around the World  (ages 6 and up)

What makes an animal "exotic"?  It depends on where you live!  Three-toed box turtles are commonplace in Missouri - but exotic to people living in Australia.  You won't find a Virginia opossum in Africa but we see them in our yards in North America.  Meet some local animals and some from around the world.

Everything Animals Believe It - or Not (ages 9 & up)

Are owls really wise?  Are bats blind?  Are tarantulas deadly to humans?  By addressing and dispelling myths and stereotypes about animals, we can apply the same rules of understanding to the myths and stereotypes surrounding people.  A favorite program at Mohonk Mountain House!

Animals in Superstitions (ages 9 and up)

Black cats, horseshoes, rabbit's feet, eye of toad - discover the origins of some of the most common and often laughable beliefs regarding animal "magic".

Careers with Animals (ages 10 and up)

Artists, marine biologists, zoo curators, pet sitters, shelter staff, veterinarians, wildlife photographers - if you love animals there are loads of career options!

Programs designed for younger audiences or those with special needs...

Meet and Greet (preschool and up)

This program has been very successful in nursing homes and group homes as well as in preschools.  It's a nice introduction to a variety of animals designed for groups with special needs.

Prickly, Tickly, Soft, Smooth & Squishy (preschool & up)

See and touch the soft fur of a squirrel or the prickly quills of a hedgehog.  Get fooled by what your eyes tell you. Experience the many different textures in the animal world.

Animal Music (ages 3 and up)

Chirps, coos, hisses, croaks - for some animals, communication is quite melodic, while for others it's less so.  What frogs and toads are performing that nighttime symphony (hint: it's not the girls)?  Meet the animals behind the music.  Become a part of our animal sounds band.

Who's Inside? (preschool - Kdg.)

Hmmm...who or what might be inside the box?  Who would be comfortable traveling inside the carrier?  How many can sleep in there?  Using puppets and live animals, kids will have a good time thinking about and then guessing "Who's Inside?"

Holiday Programming...

A Hedgehog in My Stocking and Other  Holiday Surprises! (all ages)

This holiday program is filled with suprises - not just hedgehogs in stockings, but gift wrapped ground squirrels and packaged opossums, too!  The audience will hear a selection of amusing anecdotes taken from many years of working with an assortment of amusing critters.

~Just for Fun~

Stuffed Animal Pet Show

If you're looking for an event to kick off or conclude a program, this package is an exciting way to do it.  Complete with trophies, ribbons, games, snacks and Everything Animals as master of ceremonies, this is a proven fun raiser (or fundraiser).  You provide the location along with volunteers to run games and act as judges - we'll take care of the rest,  This event generally lasts about an hour and a half.

$225 (price may vary based on projected number of participants).


(*New for 2017)

Liven up your event by having Everything Animals attend with our variety of 25 and 50 cent games where the games and prizes are animal themed and all ages can play and win! Can be used as a FUND raiser or FUN raiser!  Volunteers from your organization are needed to help with the games.

90 MINUTES  $125.00