​​​​Everything Animals Resource & Activity Center, Inc.

About Us

Everything Animals Resource & ACTIVITY Center, Inc.

Provides stimulating, humorous, informative humane education programs and materials focusing on the importance of respect, kindness, tolerance, compassion and personal responsibility.

  • Interaction with live animal ambassadors makes each presentation lively and entertaining.
  • Colorful display boards highlighting the program and a wide range of theme-related props are placed around the room to reinforce the concepts being presented.
  • Follow-up humane education materials and an assortment of educational supplies are available  to those who want to further the goals of humane education.

Jan Berlin, Director of Everything Animals Resource Center, Inc. is a certified teacher with 35 years of classroom experience.  As a former Director of Humane Education for the Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark, Curator of Living Exhibits at the Museum of the Hudson Highlands and Interpreter for the Living Science Foundation, Jan has an extensive background working with people of all ages..

The animal ambassadors are the highlight of every presentation.  These formerly unwanted - currently celebrated creatures range from "Indie", a hairless cat to "Miss Hedda Quills" an African Pygmy hedgehog.  There are also have doves, opossums, tarantulas, millipedes, a wide variety of lizards, tortoises, frogs, toads, domestic rats and more.  All animals are accustomed to being around people.  No program animals are vicious or venomous.

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